Oakie Doakie

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0780 381 3196

Oakie Dokie are members of The MOCtet, and first sang together as a quartet at a Movember ritual shave-off at The Worlds End, Lowdham, in November 2013. We enjoyed it so much that we vowed to do it again, coming up with an amusing pun on Major Oak as a name, Oakie Dokie. We have got together regularly since, in private and at a number of public performances, for example to a party hosted by The Lord Lieutenant of Nottingham at his home, Caunton Hall. We also step out of The MOCtet at sing-outs as a quartet to bring some variety to these events. We sing songs from The Major Oak Chorus and MOCtet repertoires, as well as some specials of our own. We had a solo spot at the Major Oak Chorus show in November 2016, and entered the national quartet competition in 2016. Videos of us are on Facebook – search for Oakie Dokie Musician / Band

While we are happy to accept payment for our music, which we spend on new music and coaching, we also support worthwhile local charities by performing without charge.

Oakie Dokie are Pete Dowling (Lead) Mike Paterson (Tenor) John Mason (Bass) and Shane Neville (Baritone)