Lincoln Music and Drama Festival

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March 22, 2018 - 1:44pm -- Paul Jeffery

The 'Oakies' took part in the Lincoln Music and Drama Festival, entering the Barbershop Open Class which took place on Friday 16th March. I think most people would agree that we did a splendid job to win the class. Yes I know there were only two in it but 'Harmony Lincs' have had a resurgence and sang really well. 

It was also really good to have an adjudicator with a sense of humour.

When Andy, our director said, " We are going to sing the songs in reverse"
The adjudicator retorted, "What! You are going to sing them backwards?

You couldn't write it.

Our quartets lead the way in their quartet class. 'QM' managed to reverse last years results and narrowly sneak a win. 'Oakie Doakie' really were good and got second place. 'Benner Benner Bari and Tenor' showed much improvement over last year and are pointing the way for others in the MOC to have a go. 

Same again next year? I think so.

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