BABS Long Service Pins

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May 11, 2020 - 10:40am -- John Mason

We all should have received an e-mail from BABS with a video presentation of Long Service Pins awards - if you watched the presentation you may have picked out the following :-

10 Year Pin - Trevor Dawson

20 Year Pin - Steve Norman

40 Year Pin - our founder, Glenn Chaney

30 Year Pin - one of our York Guests - Dave Whittle

40 Year Pin - another York Guest - Vaughan Dooley

Of course, considering the history of the Major Oak Chorus, the only one of these awarded entirely for membership of MOC is Trevor Dawson, others have needed membership of other choruses to amass their total service.

Congratulations to all these long-serving members !



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I have been with the Major oak Chorus over 12 Years but never received a long service pin, So I have sent Bab's an email pointing this out, but had no reply, I think the reason is they stopped doing it for a couple of years.

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